Heartbeat City

New EP coming soon +++

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Heartbeat City was born in ashes under the banners of authenticity and optimism. Their debut full-length, Thunder Amongst Us, was released in 2015. It is a 10-song collection of indie-folk-rock tunes and perfectly showcases La Rue’s deeply personal lyrics and infectious melodies. Produced by La Rue and Michael P. Falk at Winnipeg’s Paintbox Recording, Thunder Amongst Us continues La Rue’s sonic explorations and lyrical integrity with the group of Winnipeg music veterans that currently make up Heartbeat City – Louis Leveques Cote (Boniface, Boats, Naked Sex) on bass and Luke Bergen (Boats, Wonderful Pipes) on drums.


“Chock full of indie folk rock gems straight from the heart and into your ears. Thunder Amongst Us is the kind of album that doesn’t have a miss on it... emotionally arresting.”  -Confront Magazine 2015


“(Thier) debut ranges from spirited folk-rock to wistful mellow gold.”  -AUX.tv


“A tremendous pop ear is on display...sparks of near genius.”  -Snob’s Music blog