Heartbeat City

New EP coming soon +++

Heading in to record some demos

Just packed up the gear to bring to the studio tomorrow to demo a couple new songs. Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts does these great student recording sessions for the students to learn how to execute a professional recording session and they call on local artists and bands to facilitate this. I've done quite a few in my years as a musician and they're a tonne of fun! Also a great way to demo new material!


Planning an EP for later this year...

We've been dreaming up an EP to release late this year for a while now and today I started some of the planning to make it really happen! Hopefully 4 new songs, 3 of which are close to finished as of now. Might even release it on cassette! Drop us a line if you have any advice for releasing on tape. Stay tuned for more details.

New songs in the works

We're happy to tell you that we are hard at work on a couple new songs. Along with new material we are trying a little bit of a different creative method. Where as in the past I have brought mostly finished songs to the band and fleshed out the rest of the arrangement as a group, this time we are starting with a much rougher simpler idea with most of the creative process happening as a group. The result has been a bit of a different sound as Luke and Lou have perhaps a bigger impact creatively on the outcome. I couldn't be more excited for you to hear it. Stay tuned for upcoming shows in the new year for a chance to hear them.


New live vid in the works...

So we filmed a live music video for Walker as part of the Manitoba Music Loft Sessions a few months ago. We are so grateful for the opportunity. And it was a pleasure working with Chris Gaudry who directed it! 

We are just finishing up the audio mixes for it now so stay tuned for it's release in the next few months!


Dusting off...

Hey friends! I rode my bike to work today and I just can't tell you how liberated I feel. There's just a little more spring in my step and purpose in my gate.

I have a couple things that I'd like to tell you about...

 First, we're super excited to tell you about a show that we're playing May 7 at the Handsome Daughter with The ProvincialArchive! They are one of my favorite bands so needless to say we can't wait. If you haven't heard of them you should really give them a moment of your time. Local lo-fi rockers Tent Rentals are playingtoo!

We are working on a new song to play for that show called either 1989 or Snaggle Tooth. Maybe we'll play Brophy of the album.... who knows!?

Festival du Voyageur!

Very excited to announce that we'll be playing Festival du Voyageur this year! We play on February 13 @ 8pm in the Pembina Tent. We are excited to share the stage with ATLAAS, Adam Hanney & Co. and Sweet Crude. I might even try to speak un petit peu do francais!

We've also been accepted to film a live music video with MB Music's Loft Sessions! That happens This coming Thursday so look out for that in the next few months.

Until next time,


Video is done!

It's finally done and we're so proud of it. Check out the VIDEOS section for our new video for Lighthouse! Special thanks to Randy Frykas for pretty much doing every part in making the video happen. 

And listen to the track in the MUSIC section! Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes video for the new album too...


Music Video for "Lighthouse"

Hey Friends,

So we're in the final stages of editing the video for "Lighthouse" and boy am I excited about it! We'll be releasing it this summer as well as a short behind-the-scenes type documentary of the recording process. Stay tuned for some pictures of the video shoot.

And we'll be heading west to Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC at the end of August. Check the tour page for dates soon. That's all for now.


Welcome to the new site!

Hey friends! Welcome to the new site. It's a little barren now but over the next few weeks we'll be adding more content as we prepare for the new album to come out in the new year.

Stay tuned for a music video for Lighthouse, one of our favourite new songs, as well as a short documentary of the recording process for "Thunder Amongst Us".

Very excited,