Heartbeat City

New EP coming soon +++

Dusting off...

Hey friends! I rode my bike to work today and I just can't tell you how liberated I feel. There's just a little more spring in my step and purpose in my gate.

I have a couple things that I'd like to tell you about...

 First, we're super excited to tell you about a show that we're playing May 7 at the Handsome Daughter with The ProvincialArchive! They are one of my favorite bands so needless to say we can't wait. If you haven't heard of them you should really give them a moment of your time. Local lo-fi rockers Tent Rentals are playingtoo!

We are working on a new song to play for that show called either 1989 or Snaggle Tooth. Maybe we'll play Brophy of the album.... who knows!?